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たまき - Tamaki EP 2


A little disclaimer before this, I speak no Japanese at all, so if I get some info incorrect, I apologize. 

たまき (Ta-Ma-Ki) blends what I did not think was possible: breaks, cute Japanese, lyrics, and chiptune. This EP from Tuxu Rexords only has two songs: キミにリダイレクト (Redirect to You) and a Karaoke version of the same song. This song is exactly what I would think if Japan did a more pop version of breakcore, it has the amen break definitely in there, but also with a catchy synth hook that sounds great.

This is luckily a free release over here, and their first ep also availble for free over here.

Thank you Tuxu Records for these greats tracks. ♥☺♫

たまき - キミにリダイレクト

たまき - キミにリダイレクト (Karaoke Ver.)


たまき - 明日から本気出す(仮) umio ver.

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