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The Collection 001

I try not to usually make posts with just tracks, since it gets rid of the ‘blog’ part of the ‘music blog’ but here’s the deal, I’ll do this once a week and you guys let me know if you like it or not. Deal? Also, I’d like to say that the website is now 90% to where I want it to be, design+coding wise. :)

I actually missed this $980 Release by Dada Cat (don’t worry, it’s all on his soundcloud page)when it was released earlier this year. I’ve been following Dada Cat on soundcloud for about half a year, and I could say that this guy from Odessa, Ukrane knows his stuff. His so-called ‘Gypsycore’ blends the sounds of the magic people with breakcore in an excellent way.

Yet another great track by The Industrialism. A great blend of shrapnel breaks and sound clips that sounds great.

Have you ever been on a website clicking ‘related links’ or ‘more tracks’ and you end up in a place that sounds great but also makes you wonder how in the hell you got there in the end? This is one of those tracks. Not quite lolicore and not quite bathtubcore. Skip to 1:57 if you don’t like waiting.

Bolshevik Rave Party makes mashups. Bolshevik Rave Party also makes melodic breakcore. Listen to Bolshevik Rave Party.

I can’t say I’ve heard of Hardon Collider (teehee) before writing this, but their track Some Breaks shows me that this guy knows his breaks and he’s not afraid to use them.


DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Ruby My Dear Remix)

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